Monday, May 11, 2009


Should you "buy globally" or "buy locally", considering the environmental impact of the transport industry? Give a statement and give reasons for your opinion. You can refer to and comment on what the other members of your group say.


  1. We should buy locally as the worldwide transport of products is very bad for the environment. The transport by planes, for example causes a lot of emissions and a lot of benzine is needed. It's not necessary to buy apples from New Zealand which have to be transported thousands of kilometres, in winter. It's clear that the customer would be limited in the variety of products but in Germany fruits and vegetables are also growing.

  2. I totally agree on Kathi´s opinion.
    we all know that the development of the environment is worrying. And if we can avoid those imports and produce our own stuff, we schuld do that.
    Also I think that it´s important for the economy in the country you live that you buy those products wich are produced in that country.
    If we don´t boost the home-industries, they´ll go bankrupt and that will cost many workers their employment. But if we help those companies they will grow bigger and develop, and then the economy in that country is stable. Most of the workers will keep their jobs as well.

  3. I see your point. That the globalization risks the economy of Germany we could see by the scrappage program. There the people could sell their cars, which were older than 9 years when they buy a new car. But the most people bought cars from other countries like Renault etc.
    But it would work when the people would buy these products, which are also produced in Germany from German companies and not from companies from other countries.
    So we wouldn’t have to live without products we can’t produce in Germany ‘cause of climate or the earth or sth. else. Products like melons for example.
    Actually we should buy the products we can get from German companies from them and the others from other countries. So we can have all things of the world and we do what for the German economy, too.

  4. I think we should buy locally. I agree with kathi on how planes harm the environment and right now there is no need for that. Now is the time when we really need to take care of the planet.

  5. If you think about it, if we buy locally it would cut down on the impact on the environment since we wouldn't be using planes or ships, but we would have to increase the local transportation like trucks, trains, and use planes for immediate service. It would also cost money to produce different kinds of products like exotic fruits and such. So would it really be good for a country to produce all its goods by itself? I think some global buying would be good to an extent, but you have to keep in mind that it would probably cost more money for countries to produce certain goods than it would be to buy them. And I think either way, transportations for goods locally and globally would be bad for the environment.

  6. I agree with Amber that if we only buy locally then most of the businesses would be cut down because there wouldn’t be the need to transport things to another place therefore there would be no need for planes or ships even trains so buying globally is a very good thing as well.

  7. I think we should buy locally, I think the environment should be our number one concern right now. Global warming is not just a little problem it’s a huge one and global trading is causing that. Then I can see other opinions too.